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ps@celerity.UUCP (Patricia Shanahan)
1 Aug 88 21:21:21 GMT

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From: ps@celerity.UUCP (Patricia Shanahan)
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Date: 1 Aug 88 21:21:21 GMT
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In article <1690@ima.ISC.COM> (Leor Amikam) writes:
>HELP!! I'm currently working on a project to write an
>intermediate code optimizer for the UNIX portable C compiler.
>Our system has the compiler set up for a one-pass. I'm having
>greate difficulties generating the two-pass version of pcc.
>Has anyone generated the two-pass version, and how do I do it?

I did this as the first stage in development of Celerity's C compiler. I
found a file called "CONVERT" in the mip directory, containing instructions
for converting from two pass to one pass operation. I reversed all the steps
described in CONVERT, re-made fixing a few problems in the make, and then
debugged the result. As far as I can remember, it took a few days to debug

Most of the problems where duplicated or missing declarations, and once I got
it to complete a compilation it was reliable.

Although it was not especially difficult, it was by no means an automatic
re-generation. I did this in late 1983, based on BSD 4.2 sources. Assuming
you are using more recent sources, I would expect it to be harder.

(Patricia Shanahan)
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