programming language names (lloyd allison)
12 May 88 23:56:03 GMT

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programming language names (1988-05-12)
programming language names (1988-05-12)
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From: (lloyd allison)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers,comp.lang
Keywords: ABC
Date: 12 May 88 23:56:03 GMT
Organization: Comp Sci, Monash Uni, Australia


I am compiling an ABC of programming language names and am stuck for
names beginning Q, U, W, X, Y and Z (would like another N too).
Please mail me any you can think of.

Requirements: must be a language that is in use at more than one
      site by more than just the original design team.
      Must not be a small variant of another language.
      eg. Algol60 and Algol68 are 2 distinct languages
              but Algol68C is a variant of Algol68
      Must be a "full" language capable of general computing tasks and
      not (say) a DB query language or a report generator.
      (ok I know these are all matters of judgement!)

Please include a reference to a defining paper, report or book if possible.

[Try Neliac, Q'Nial, the Y language from Arizona, and Zetalisp. And send
responses to the poster; I'm not inclined to post followups to this. -John]
[From (lloyd allison)]

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