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ceg@edsdrd.uucp (Carlos E. Galarce)
Mon, 9 May 88 10:45:50 EDT

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cobol grammar ceg@edsdrd.uucp (1988-05-09)
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Date: Mon, 9 May 88 10:45:50 EDT
From: ceg@edsdrd.uucp (Carlos E. Galarce)

I am looking for a computer readable cobol grammar. It would
be nice if there is lex and/or yacc code to handle the grammar.
Any help or pointers on the subject would be most appreciated.

Thank you...

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[Is cobol amenable to lex scanning? Seems to me that with some hackery for
the indentation rules, it should be. Yacc parsing should be straightforward,
though the grammar with all of the different keywords and reserved words
would be enormous. -John]

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