Pascal compiler wanted for 3b1 -- specs included

erict@flatline.uucp (eric townsend)
2 May 88 02:53:57 GMT

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Pascal compiler wanted for 3b1 -- specs included erict@flatline.uucp (1988-05-02)
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From: erict@flatline.uucp (eric townsend)
Newsgroups: comp.lang.pascal,comp.compilers
Date: 2 May 88 02:53:57 GMT
Distribution: na
Organization: den of sinister exaggerators -- houston.montrose

I'm looking for a pascal compiler for the 3b1 under Unix Sys 5 ver3.0 that
is compatible (as much as possible) with the following standard:

VAX Pascal (3.6), which is compatible with:

PASCAL [ISO 7185-1983(E)]

Alan Pfeiffer-Traum @ University of Houston (
told me that this version of Vax-Pascal "contains extensions to the
standards." [Of course it does; Pascal isn't very useful otherwise. -John]

I'd prefer a pd compiler that is roughly compatible with the above --
sans VAX extensions, of course. Not knowing too much about pascal
at this point (I need the compier so I can start learning it) I
hope I've given enough relevant info. If not, flame me in email, please,
:-), and I'll rewrite my specs.
J. Eric Townsend ->uunet!nuchat!flatline!erict smail:511Parker#2,Hstn,Tx,77007

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