Modula-2 compiler info requested (chevallet)
8 Apr 88 09:59:18 GMT

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Modula-2 compiler info requested (1988-04-08)
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From: (chevallet)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 8 Apr 88 09:59:18 GMT
Organization: IMAG, University of Grenoble, France

Hello you out there...

            I'm a French fan of MODULA-2 and i'm looking for good (or the best..)
M2 compiler for a PC and ST.

Well, i know some compilers on the ST (from TDI,Jefferson Software,FTL)
but i have no information about them. On PC i saw some advertisement
about Logitech, Modula-2PC.

            I would like to have precise informations about
- Source of the libraries modules.
- Some about 64K memory limitation for code and data on PC.
- Tools (debugger, make, symbol file decompiler, and so on...).
- Programming environnement.
- Link with other langages.
- Compatibility with other modula.
- ...

            All information will be welcome.
            So, can someone out there give me these information about compilers,
            And how to buy them (in france or elsewhere).
            Please, give me complete address or mailbox where I could write.

(When you're asking for Modula-2 to French software salesman you seem to
be a martian ! Sorry for my broken English...)

LGI Bureau 305 chevalet@imag.UUCP
-------------- Si (Etat_programme = tourne) alors (Programme := Correct)

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