New Pascal compiler: Advice request

uiucdcs!uunet!hpda!sun!megatest!djones (Dave Jones)
24 Mar 88 00:27:31 GMT

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New Pascal compiler: Advice request uiucdcs!uunet!hpda!sun!megatest!djones (1988-03-24)
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From: uiucdcs!uunet!hpda!sun!megatest!djones (Dave Jones)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Keywords: Pascal compiler
Date: 24 Mar 88 00:27:31 GMT
Organization: Megatest Corporation, San Jose, Ca

Hello compiler gurus:

Well, I'm in for it now. It is my lot to direct a small group to
write a Pascal compiler to replace the one our customers are now
using to write VSLI test programs. It's not possible to use one
"off the shelf", because our's is -- for better or worse -- hacked up
with lots of nonstandard extensions.

I could use some advice. ("Some", is translated, "All I can get.")

Idealy, I would like to provide for cross-compilation from some
of the more common kinds of mainframes and workstations.
And I would like to simplify my task by using a commercial
product to produce object-code. One idea that comes to mind is to
generate C, and to use C cross-compilers as code-generators.

My question is, "What are the alternatives?"

I know that there are companies that specialize in cross-compilers.
Surely they must compile to some intermediate representation. Then
they use lots of codegenerators, one per target architecture, all written in
a widely available language. Does anyone know of a company which documents
the intermediate representation, and will sell or license the
codegenerators separate from a compiler?

Any suggestions, or vendor recommendations will be greatly appreciated.

Dave Jones
Megatest Corp.
880 Fox Lane
San Jose, CA.

(408) 437-9700 Ext 3227
UUCP: ucbvax!sun!megatest!djones
ARPA: megatest!djones@riacs.EDU
[One possibility is to start with the Amsterdam Compiler Kit, which has been
discussed here before. -John]

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