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22 Mar 88 00:57:23 GMT

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From: (Esmond Pitt)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Keywords: yacc, lex, bison,
Date: 22 Mar 88 00:57:23 GMT
References: <>
Organization: Austec International Limited, Melbourne

In article <> (Douglass Turner) writes:
>Anyone out there using Gnu's Bison? ...

1. To get yacc's default output names (y.output, and instead
of Bison's output names, you need to use the -y switch.

2. Bison's generated parser uses the Vax alloca() function, which you may
not have.

3. Despite claims in the code, Bison's generated parser was for me
slightly slower than yacc's, not that this is a genuine concern.

4. Bison itself runs about 7 times as fast as yacc. This is
insignificant on normal grammars, but, on the large (Cobol-85) grammar
I am using, it goes from 15 minutes to 2-1/2 - an obvious boon.

5. Bison's generated parser has a copyright notice in it which prevents
you from embeddding the result in a proprietary product.

6. Apart from the above issues, Bison plugs straight in.
Esmond Pitt, Austec International Ltd

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