need comments on error(1) utility

"Robert R. Henry" <>
8 Mar 88 03:29:32 GMT

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need comments on error(1) utility (Robert R. Henry) (1988-03-08)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers,comp.lang.misc
Date: 8 Mar 88 03:29:32 GMT
From: "Robert R. Henry" <>
Distribution: na
Organization: U of Washington, Computer Science, Seattle

I am the author of the BSD UNIX error(1) utility which was
first released in 1982. I am now gathering data on how it has been used.

Error is a program for analyzing error messages produced by UNIX
compiler front ends. Error inserts the error messages as comments
back to the offending source program. Typically, from the csh,
Error is invoked as:
cc bar.c baz.c |& error -qv

I am interested in people's experiences in one or more of: using Error,
modifying Error to suit their needs, modifying compilers to
generate Error messages suitable for Error, or writing or using
systems that are similar to Error.

Please reply directly to me, and not to the newsgroup.
Thank you!

Robert R. Henry
Computer Science Department, FR-35
University of Washington
Seattle, WA 98195

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