YACC Specifications Wanted

wdl1!shapiro@Sun.COM (David Shapiro)
29 Feb 88 23:48:22 GMT

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YACC Specifications Wanted wdl1!shapiro@Sun.COM (1988-02-29)
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From: wdl1!shapiro@Sun.COM (David Shapiro)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 29 Feb 88 23:48:22 GMT


This is a query related to one I posted in comp.databases: I am looking for
some specifications for yacc, particularly relating to a 4GL from Ingres
called OSL. The language, though, is very similar to Pascal. I have had many
requests for this type yacc specification so I would greatly appreciate any
help, files or pointers. I will post a summary if there is any interest.

Thnaks again,
Dave Shapiro
Ford Aerospace Corp.
Western Development Laboratories


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