Validation Suite Bibliography (request)

Thu, 17 Dec 87 09:49:41 est

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Validation Suite Bibliography (request) harvard!rutgers!!dg-rtp!nightmare!wood@BBN (1987-12-17)
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Date: Thu, 17 Dec 87 09:49:41 est
From: harvard!rutgers!!dg-rtp!nightmare!wood@BBN.COM
Original-sender: harvard!rutgers!!dg-rtp!nightmare!wood@BBN.COM
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Please help:

I'm trying to find out what language test or validation suites
exist. So far, I've found out about a Plum-Hall suite for (ansi?)
C, a BSI Pascal compiler validation service, some National Bureau of
Standards validation suites for Fortran and Cobol, and some older
GSA validation suites for Fortran and Cobol.

ARE THERE OTHERS? I'm sure there must be, but I can't seem to
locate references to them.

I'll be glad to compile a list of references and distribute a
summary to the net. I'd like to include info on where to send for
the tests, how much they cost, etc.

My interest is not limited to C, Fortran, Pascal and Cobol. In
fact, I think a good validation suite could be useful in testing a
code generator coverage (as opposed to language syntax and


Tom Wood
Data General, Research Triangle Park, NC
{the known world}!mcnc!rti!xyzzy!wood

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