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15 Dec 87 19:21:15 GMT

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From: (Rich Salz)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Summary: That's what CONST is for
Date: 15 Dec 87 19:21:15 GMT
References: <785@ima.ISC.COM>
Organization: BBN Laboratories, Cambridge MA

In comp.compilers (<785@ima.ISC.COM>), ihnp4!wucs1!wuibc2!brown (Michael Brown) writes:
>All C language implementations I've use have allowed the address of
>the static data to be obtained if one wanted to do weird things...
>I'd argue that this should be prohibited by the semantics of the
>static declaration.

Not a good argument: it's overruled by the semantics of pointers, and
you've just outlawed the following construct:
static int done;

if (!done) {
done = 1;

Anyhow, the ANSI X3J11 C standardization committee invented (okay, stole
from C++) the "const" keyword for just that sort of thing. It's similar
to the VMS C "readonly" storage-class. Check out a copy of the draft
for more info.
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