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From: redstorm.SGI.COM!bron
Subject: Link-time optimization
Date: Tue, 15 Dec 87 16:00:00 PST

Dirk Grunwald writes:
> Are there compilers other than the DEC-WRL suite which compile to a link
> time form and do optimizations at link time? Any references?
> There would seem to be a large number of global optimizations available
> at that time: alias analysis, register allocation, in-line expansion,
> parallelism detection, etc.

Work in a similar vein is the Rn programming environment from
Rice University. They are concerned with "whole program" optimizations
using a data base of information built up by analyzing each subroutine
in turn. Code can then be generated for each routine with considerable
knowledge of the side effects of subordinate called routines. This
is a very ambitious project, going beyond even link time optimizations.
The Oct. 'Computer' mag has a good general article on Rn.

Bron Nelson; Silicon Graphics, Inc
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