Administrivia and a plea from the moderator

johnl (John R. Levine)
Wed, 9 Dec 87 11:17:20 EST

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Administrivia and a plea from the moderator johnl (1987-12-09)
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Date: Wed, 9 Dec 87 11:17:20 EST
From: johnl (John R. Levine)

When you submit an item to comp.compilers (or any other moderated group) I'd
really appreciate it if you'd mail it directly to me rather than posting it
and counting on your local news system to mail it. Recent changes to news have
had the unfortunate effect of mailing a dozen or more copies of such messages
to me. Really, one would be plenty.

On a related note, I repeat my frequent request to make sure that when you
send followup mail to the author of an article, that you send it to the actual
author rather than back to compilers. Many versions of news try to send it to
the wrong place. As always, I discard and such misrouted messages on the
theory that if it wasn't important enough for you to send the message to the
right place, it probably isn't important enough for me to do so either.

Finally, the volume of submissions has dropped since the beginning of the
summer, and if it doesn't increase, I may have to stir things up a bit, e.g.
"Why the 80286 is the best thing that ever happened to compiler writers."
(Heat resistant suit, as ever, in place.)

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