Re: Snobol compiler/interpreter wanted (Ed Vielmetti)
21 Aug 87 15:52:09 GMT

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From: (Ed Vielmetti)
Newsgroups: comp.sources.wanted,comp.compilers
Date: 21 Aug 87 15:52:09 GMT
References: <670@ima.ISC.COM>
Organization: U-Michigan Workstation Group

In article <670@ima.ISC.COM> amd! (Israel Pinkas) writes:
% A friend of mine is looking for a PD Snobol compiler/interpreter that will
% run under VMS and/or Ultrix. ...

You can write to Griswold's current development team at {allegra,ihnp4,noao}!arizona!icon-project

Some Snobol4 information is available at ; ftp there and
get the file snobol4/README .

There's an Icon and Snobol4 conference on BIX which you can get at by
joining other.langs/icon.snobol .

Catspaw, Inc., is the principal vendor of Snobol4 stuff. Contact them
at (303) 539-3884 voice, (303) 539-4830 BBS, PO BOX 1123 Salida CO 81201 USA
papermail. Ask for a free sample copy of "A SNOBOL's Chance."

I'd call Catspaw and see what they have.

This info is from "The Icon Newsletter", Comp Sci dept., U of Arizona,
Tuscon AZ 85721 USA. There is also a "Snobol4 Information Bulletin"
presumably published at the same place.

--Ed (seismo!umix!emv)

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