Snobol compiler/interpreter wanted

amd! (Israel Pinkas)
18 Aug 87 15:14:14 GMT

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From: amd! (Israel Pinkas)
Newsgroups: comp.sources.wanted,comp.compilers
Date: 18 Aug 87 15:14:14 GMT
Organization: Intel Corp., Santa Clara, Ca.

A friend of mine is looking for a PD Snobol compiler/interpreter that will
run under VMS and/or Ultrix. If anybody has such a beast, please let me
know. (No flames about Snobol, he has ~2 million lines of code that he
would like to run. I don't use the language.)

[Various versions of Snobol4 have shown up in the DECUS library; I used
one for the PDP-10. Also, Dewar Information Systems near Chicago has had
many Snobol implementations for sale, perhaps one would do. And finally,
Snobol4 is written in a low level macro language, you might still be able
to get a copy of the SIL macros from Griswold et al. and make them work.
Any other ideas? -John]

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