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jbn@glacier.STANFORD.EDU (John B. Nagle)
16 Aug 87 16:48:34 GMT

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From: jbn@glacier.STANFORD.EDU (John B. Nagle)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Summary: An improved YACC
Date: 16 Aug 87 16:48:34 GMT
References: <642@ima.ISC.COM> <378@hubcap.UUCP> <654@ima.ISC.COM>
Organization: Stanford University

          An improved YACC, "eyacc", was distributed with 4.1BSD and was used
in building the Pascal compiler. "eyacc" allowed the inclusion of error
rules in the grammar which told the parser how to recover from errors.
Due to lack of interest, "eyacc" seems to have been discontinued.

John Nagle

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