Re: Good non-coprocessor compiler for 80386 Unix V.3

Doug Leavitt <dougl@ism780c>
13 Jul 87 1753 PDT

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Date: 13 Jul 87 1753 PDT
From: Doug Leavitt <dougl@ism780c>

To the best of my knowledge, there are currently NO compilers available
for the 386 that do not follow the standard of emulating FP through the
system. The main reason for this is that a 287 with a small daughterboard
may be placed in a 387 socket and provide better emulation than software.

I suspect that the demand for such a compiler when 287's are readily available
and extremely cheap (as compared to the 387), is extremely low. I
currently expect that such a compiler would have to be specially ordered
from a compiler manufacturer (IE a special port and $$$).

I would strongly suggest investigating the 287 papoose board with Intel
(they have one and distribute it with their 386/20 boards) if the necessary
floating point performance must be higher than FP emulation and a 387
is currently out of the question.

Doug Leavitt
Interactive Systems Corporation
386 Compiler Development
{ seismo, sdcrdcf, olivb, ima } !ism780c!dougl

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