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harvard!seismo!mcvax!dutesta!brouw (Gerard Brouwer)
2 Jul 87 17:14:55 GMT

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Compiler projects - Lisp compilers wanted harvard!seismo!mcvax!dutesta!brouw (1987-07-02)
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Organisation: Delft University of Technology, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, The Netherlands.
From: harvard!seismo!mcvax!dutesta!brouw (Gerard Brouwer)
Date: 2 Jul 87 17:14:55 GMT
Organization: Delft University of Technology, Netherlands

At the Delft University of Technology we are developing an architecture
for a LISP-computer based on Eu-LISP level 0, which is related to
SCHEME. Part of the project is building a compiler for this new
architecture. To gain experience in the usage of SCHEME-based compilers
we will be studying several already existing compilers.
We would like to have information on:

1 - Similar projects
2 - SCHEME-based compilers (of which the source code is available)

Please contact us about this.
Thanks for your cooperation.

Gerard Brouwer. UUCP: ..!dutesta!brouw
Delft University of Technology
Department of Electrical Engeneering
Section Computer Architecture
P.O. Box 5031
2600 AG Delft, The Netherlands
Phone: 015-785021 / 015-783644
[I'm familiar with Steele's Rabbit compiler and its distant descendant, the
Yale T compiler. Both should be available from the respective universities.

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