General method on translators

"Charles C. Merriam" <seismo!RELAY.CS.NET!>
Thu, 2 Apr 87 15:09:56 EST

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General method on translators seismo!RELAY.CS.NET! (Charles C. Merriam) (1987-04-02)
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Date: Thu, 2 Apr 87 15:09:56 EST
From: "Charles C. Merriam" <seismo!RELAY.CS.NET!>

Moderator of mod.compilers?

      Is this the correct newsgroup to discuss
                1) Language based editors and generators for same?
                2) Methods of source program manipulation (e.g. translations)?
                3) Undergraduate questions on Yacc, etc.?
                4) The use of computer generated form letters to append the tax returns
                        of dead people?

        You may receive multiple copies until I straighten out the mail address.

        One problem I'm having:
                  In version one a small compiler, the output was provided by
                          stmt -> PRINT expr {emit print} //
                  which included a linefeed. In version two, the output is provided
                          stmt -> PRINT expr {emit print, now without CRLF}
                                      | PRINT " string " {emit printstring(# of chars)} //
                  The rest of the grammer is Pascal-like (with stmt-> BEGIN ..END)
                  with very strict rules on semi-colons (none before end or after start
                  symbol's production). The start symbol is a stmt.

                  Is there a general method of creating translators so
                  that the following source code is updated?
                          from to
                                    BEGIN BEGIN
                                        PRINT 6 * 3; PRINT 6*3;
                                        PRINT 3 PRINT "\n";
                                    END PRINT 3;
                                                                                    PRINT "\n"
                          from PRINT 3*4 to BEGIN
                                                                                    PRINT 3*4

                    I apologize if this is a simplistic question, but I do not know
                    where to start.

                                                                Charles Merriam
                                                                Computer Scientist in Training



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