COBOL and Ada Grammars

alexa@xanth.UUCP (Kay Beth Alexander)
18 Mar 87 15:08:04 GMT

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COBOL and Ada Grammars alexa@xanth.UUCP (1987-03-18)
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From: alexa@xanth.UUCP (Kay Beth Alexander)
Date: 18 Mar 87 15:08:04 GMT
Organization: Old Dominion University, Norfolk Va.

The Department of Computer Science at Old Dominion University is
involved in a project that includes developing parse trees for
Ada and COBOL. We are using Lex and Yacc under UNIX to build
the parse trees. The above tree representations of source code
will be used with a prototype analysis tool.
We are interested in any information or project experiences that
would be relevant to this project - ESPECIALLY a grammar for COBOL
or Ada that can be used with Yacc.

This is a 12 month project funded by the Navy and NASA.

Kay Alexander
[I'd think that a grammar for Cobol would be pretty strightforward, since
all of the syntax is driven by reserved words. And Ada grammars were kicking
around the net for a while, but I never saved one. Did anyone else? -John]

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