Extensible hash tables

think!cullvax!drw%eddie.mit.edu (Dale Worley)
Wed, 18 Feb 87 11:59:53 est

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Extensible hash tables think!cullvax!drw%eddie.mit.edu (1987-02-18)
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Date: Wed, 18 Feb 87 11:59:53 est
From: think!cullvax!drw%eddie.mit.edu (Dale Worley)

An algorithm that extends (but does not shrink) a hash table is: When
the table 'fills', allocate a new one of twice the original size.
Each reallocation is slow, but on the n-th extension, the total time
taken for all of the reallocations is

O(1 + 2 + 4 + ... + 2^n) = O(2^(n+1))

which is linear in the number of entries (2^n) added so far! This can
probably be modified for contraction as well.

[This is probably the best approach so long as running out of space isn't
a problem. Then again, if running out of space really isn't a problem,
you might as well allocate a huge symbol table to minimize the likelihood
of hash collisions. -John]

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