Looking for info on compiler construction courses

johnl@ima.UUCP (Compilers mailing list)
6 Aug 86 13:32:48 GMT

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Looking for info on compiler construction courses johnl@ima.UUCP (1986-08-06)
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From: johnl@ima.UUCP (Compilers mailing list)
Newsgroups: mod.compilers
Date: 6 Aug 86 13:32:48 GMT

We are looking for a course on compiler construction with
special emphasis on code generation. We would prefer
courses which also treat the portable C compiler.

Please return information to:

        Bernhard E. Stalder,
        Hasler AG, Belpstrasse 23, CH-3000 Berne 14, Switzerland

Tel.: +41 31 632809
Uucp: ... {seismo,decvax,ukc, ... }!mcvax!cernvax!hslrswi!bernie
Bitnet: hslrswi!bernie@cernvax.BITNET
Arpa: hslrswi!bernie%cernvax.BITNET@WISCVM.ARPA
Edunet: hslrswi!bernie%cernvax.BITNET@UCBJADE.Berkeley.EDU
[Since all versions of PCC are covered by AT&T licenses, the choices may
be limited. There is a document that describes the code generator part of
the PDP-11 PCC which I found useful when converting the Sys V Vax PCC to
generate ROMP code. There is some info in the dragon book. But there's no
substitute for reading the code, and in the case of PCC, there isn't all that
much of it. Comments as always welcome. -John]
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