C Compiler Validation Suites

johnl@ima.UUCP (Compilers mailing list)
4 Aug 86 15:26:10 GMT

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C Compiler Validation Suites johnl@ima.UUCP (1986-08-04)
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From: johnl@ima.UUCP (Compilers mailing list)
Newsgroups: mod.compilers
Date: 4 Aug 86 15:26:10 GMT
Posted-Date: Fri, 1 Aug 86 09:48:58 cdt

I know of 2 others in addition to the HCR product mentioned in article

The Plum Hall Validation Suite for C
Plum Hall
1 Spruce Ave.
Cardiff, NJ 08232

The PERENNIAL Validation Suite for C Compiler Validation
4677 Old Ironsides Drive, Suite 450
Santa Clara, CA 95054

Michael Cruess oakhill!cruess
Motorola, Inc. 512-440-2232
Microprocessor Products Group
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