UCB 4.2 F77 Documentation

johnl@ima.UUCP (Compilers moderator)
11 Apr 86 16:34:16 GMT

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UCB 4.2 F77 Documentation johnl@ima.UUCP (1986-04-11)
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From: johnl@ima.UUCP (Compilers moderator)
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Date: 11 Apr 86 16:34:16 GMT
Article-I.D.: ima.189
Posted: Fri Apr 11 11:34:16 1986
Date-Received: 12 Apr 86 12:19:54 GMT
Organization: Tektronix, Inc., Wilsonville, OR
Originally-from: Dave Patterson <decvax!ucbvax!hplabs!tektronix!orca!hammer!davep>

I am looking for references and/or sources for documentation on
the internals of the 4.2 F77 compiler. I am especially interested
in the first pass (f77pass1) optimizer, but would appreciate any
and all pointers/sources for internal documentation. The source
code comments [:-(] are not any help, since I could not find them.

If I get any references and requests for the same, I will submit
a summary.

Thanks in advance,

David Patterson
Tektronix, Inc.
Wilsonville Industrial Park
P.O. Box 1000
Wilsonville, Oregon 97070
(503) 685-2568

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