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New topic: Diagnostics johnl@ima.UUCP (1986-04-10)
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From: johnl@ima.UUCP (Compilers moderator)
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Date: 10 Apr 86 18:19:52 GMT
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Posted: Thu Apr 10 13:19:52 1986
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If I may, I'd like to hear some of your feelings regarding compiler
diagnostics. Specifically, I would love to hear your feelings on what makes
a good diagnostic.

At the college where I work, some faculty members are reluctant to put
students on our UNIX systems since the standard compilers do not produce a
"listing" file. Additionally, they feel that what diagnostics are generated
are too cryptic for the average student.

On the other hand, the following was a compile-time error message I
received the other day from the COBOL compiler on our BTI 8000:

        ERROR.....The item declared as the file status item is not defined as an
          unsubscripted data item of alphanumeric category, or is not correctly
          qualified, or is defined in the File Section, or is not a 2-character item,
          or is defined in the Linkage Section but is not one of the items in the
          USING clause of the Procedure Division header nor is it subordinate to
          such an item.

(In other words, I forgot to declare the variable I said would be used to
return the status of file DEBT-FILE.)

Is this a good diagnostic? Personally, I feel it is overly wordy and may be
trying to be too comprehensive.

I imagine that there is a body of literature on this subject, but I would
really like to hear personal feelings.

[Disclaimer: Any opinions expressed are my own and may/do not reflect the
official opinions of Monmouth College.]

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