Seed7 Release 2021-01-30

Thomas Mertes <>
Wed, 3 Feb 2021 09:07:07 -0800 (PST)

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Seed7 Release 2021-01-30 (Thomas Mertes) (2021-02-03)
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From: Thomas Mertes <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: Wed, 3 Feb 2021 09:07:07 -0800 (PST)
Organization: Compilers Central
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Posted-Date: 03 Feb 2021 12:34:49 EST


I have released a new version of Seed7: seed7_05_20210130.tgz
The download is here:
Seed7 is also at GitHub:
The Seed7 programming language has many interesting concepts, which
are explained at its Homepage:

Notable changes in this release are:
- Now it is possible to create top level windows without window
- Now it is possible to take screenshots of rectangular areas or to
    mirror them in another window.
- The parser has been improved to be robust in out of memory
    situations and if the file seed7_05.s7i is not included.

- The parser (used by interpreter and compiler to read a program) has
    been improved to work correct, if seed7_05.s7i is not included.
    Many thanks go to Domingo Alvarez Duarte for pointing out that a
    missing seed7_05.s7i include statement causes a parser error.
- The example program mirror.sd7 has been added. This program mirrors
    a rectangular screen area in a window.
- The function capturePixmap has been added to graph.s7i. This
    function can be used to capture rectangular areas from the screen.
- In the library graph.s7i the function openSubWindow() has been
    improved to allow top level windows without window decorations.
    This can be done by using the empty window as parent window.
- Chapters about pragmas and compilation errors have been added to the
- The parser has been improved to work reliable in out of memory
    situations. Now the fatal parser error "Out of heap space" does not
    terminate the program.
- The minor versions of interpreter and compiler have been increased.
    Now interpreter and compiler share the same revision level. Every
    compilation of the Seed7 interpreter increases the revision level.
- A definition of VERSION_REVISION_LEVEL has been added to
    cc_conf.s7i. This is used in confval.sd7 and s7c.sd7.
- Interpreter and compiler have been improved to support the new
    action DRW_CAPTURE.
- In analyze.c the function analyzeProg() has been improved to
    catch the "Out of heap space" error and to clean up memory in out
    of memory situations. Now the old values of the global variables
    prog, interpreter_exception curr_exec_object, curr_argument_list and
    trace are restored, when the function is left.
- In analyze.c the functions analyzeFile() and analyzeString() have
    been improved to work without setting interpreter_exception. Now
    these functions work the same in interpreted and compiled programs.
- In atom.c the function read_atom() has been improved to keep the
    data structure consistent in out of memory situations.
- The functions pop_owner() and close_current_stack() have been added
    to name.c.
- In name.c the functions free_params(), get_object() and push_name()
    have been improved to have an additional 'currentProg' parameter.
- In name.c the function get_object() has been improved to reverse its
    changes in case of an error.
- In name.c the handling of errors has been improved in push_name(),
    eval_name_list(), inst_list(), inst_object_expr(), find_name(),
    search_name(), dollar_parameter() and dollar_inst_list(). In error
    situations changes are reversed, memory is freed and stack growing
    and shrinking is now done in a consistent way.
- In entutl.c the function copy_params() has been improved to allocate
    the parameters first in a list and to assign them later.
- The new functions pop_name_list() and get_entity_node() have been
    added to entutl.c.
- In entutl.c the function get_entity() has been improved to handle
    error situations (out of memory).
- In entutl.c in the function init_entity() dereferencing NULL is
    avoided now, if the memory allocation fails.
- In blnlib.c the function bln_ternary() has been improved to work
    correct, if evaluate() returns NULL. This happens if an exception
    is triggered inside evaluate().
- Implementations of drwBorder() and drwSetPos() have been added to
    drw_emc.c. The functions drwXPos() and drwYPos() have been improved.
- The function drwCapture() has been added to drw_x11.c and drw_win.c.
- The function drwOpenSubWindow() has been improved in drw_x11.c and
    drw_win.c to support the creation of unmanaged top level windows
    without window decorations (if the parent window is empty).
- The function omitWindowDecorationsAndTaskbarEntry() has been added
    to drw_x11.c.
- In flt_rtl.c the function setMantissaAndExponent has been improved
    to work without division by DOUBLE_MANTISSA_FACTOR.
- The program chkccomp.c has been improved to write an error message,
    if executing a test program fails.
- In error.c the functions read_ustri8_line(), read_and_print_line()
    and ustri8_buffer_to_stri() have been improved to work reliable in
    out of memory situations.
- In fatal.c the function no_memory() has been improved to do a long
    jump to analyzeProg().
- In listutl.c the function append_element_to_list() has been improved
    to keep the list_insert_place unchanged in out of memory situations.
- In sctlib.c in the function sct_cat() the code to handle an error
    has been improved, to avoid using a pointer that might be invalid
    because of a previous realloc(). The function sct_elem() has been
    improved to consider that grow_stack() might fail.
- In typeutl.c the function get_varfunc_type() has been improved to
    work correct, if new_type() returns NULL. This can happen in out of
    memory situations.
- In findid.c the functions clean_idents() and write_idents() have
    been refactored to use a progType parameter and to allow NULL
    values in the ident tables.
- In flistutl.c the function heap_chunk() has been improved to never
    do a realloc() on a memory chunk and to explain why this is done.
- In flistutl.h the macros HEAP_OBJ(), HEAP_L_E(), HEAP_NODE() and
    HEAP_FILE() have been fixed to return FALSE in out of memory
- In hshlib.c the macro isit_not_null() has been added to several
    functions to assert that function references and compare results are
    not NULL.
- In prclib.c the functions prc_begin(), prc_local(), prc_res_begin(),
    prc_res_local(), prc_return(), prc_return2(), prc_varfunc() and
    prc_varfunc2() have been improved to handle error situations (out of
- In prclib.c the macro isit_not_null() has been added to prc_case(),
    prc_case_def(), prc_case_hashset() and prc_case_hashset_def(). This
    macro checks that the sets after the keyword 'when' are not NULL.
- In identutl.c the function init_idents() has been changed to leave
    a failed initialisation as is (this is cleaned up later).
- In prg_comp.c the function prgDestr() has been improved to allow
    NULL for elements of the program structure. The function interpret()
    has been improved to restore the global variable
- In exec.c the functions getErrInfoFromFailValue() and do_exec_call()
    have been added. The function exec_expr() has been improved to
    restore the global variable interpreter_exception.
- In executl.c the functions do_destroy(), create_return_object(),
    create_local_object(), destroy_local_object() and
    destroy_local_init_value() have been improved to handle error
    situations (out of memory).
- In match.c the function match_subexpr() has been improved to
    handle out of memory situations.
- In runerr.c the functions write_position_info() and
    write_call_stack_element() have been improved to recognize valid
    data better.
- In runerr.c the functions run_error(), empty_value() and
    var_required() have been improved to write the error message only,
    if exception tracing is switched on. Now these functions raise
- The function freeOptions() has been added to s7.c. The function
    raise_error2() has been improved to handle an out of memory
- In symbol.c the function close_symbol() has been improved to allow
    NULL for and symbol.striValue.
- In syvarutl.c the function init_sysvar() has been improved to
    define a dummy value for SYS_EXPR_TYPE (EXPR_TYPE). This avoids an
    error, if the source has no include directive.
- The function printLocObj() has been added to traceutl.c. The
    functions prot_list_limited() and trace1() have been improved to
    recognize corrupt category fields.
- In cmd_rtl.c code has been moved from cmdReadlink(), cmdFileTypeSL()
    and cmdGetcwd() to the new functions doReadLink(), getFileTypeSL()
    and doGetCwd() respectively. The new functions use err_info to
    report errors instead of raising an exception. The old functions
    have been refactored to call the new functions.
- In cmd_rtl.c the function followLink() has been refactored to call
    getFileTypeSL() and doReadLink().
- The program levelup.c has been added. This program is called by the
    makefile to increase the revision level of interpreter and compiler.
- In comp/expr_utl.s7i the function prepare_win_result() has been
    fixed to use drwDestr() instead of winDestr().
- The system declaration for "type" hase been removed from syntax.s7i.
- The makefiles have been adjusted to increase the revision level
    (stored in level.h) before the interpreter is compiled. This way
    interpreter and compiler get the same revision level.
- Documentation comments have been improved in array.s7i, graph.s7i,
    leb128.s7i, analyze.c, cmd_rtl.c, drw_emc.c, drw_win.c, drw_x11.c,
    entutl.c, error.c and exec.c.

Thomas Mertes

Seed7 Homepage:
Seed7 - The extensible programming language: User defined statements
and operators, abstract data types, templates without special
syntax, OO with interfaces and multiple dispatch, statically typed,
interpreted or compiled, portable, runs under linux/unix/windows.

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