Cmajor 1.4.0 released

"Seppo Laakko" <>
Sun, 13 Mar 2016 21:52:21 +0200

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From: "Seppo Laakko" <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: Sun, 13 Mar 2016 21:52:21 +0200
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Cmajor compiler version 1.4.0 released:

Cmajor is a hybrid programming language based on C++ and C#. Its
syntax is closer to C#'s than C++'s syntax and semantics closer to
C++'s semantics than C#'s semantics.

It's not garbage collected but relies on destructors doing the cleanup
as in C++.

It runs on Windows and Linux, has LLVM and C backends, has basic
implementation of concepts, has an IDE in Windows, and has support for
debugging integrated in IDE in Windows and using command line tool
cmdb in Linux.

New in this release:
o Unicode support.
o Interfaces like in Java and C#.

Seppo Laakko

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