Seed7 Release 2013-06-02
Sun, 2 Jun 2013 13:43:35 -0700 (PDT)

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Seed7 Release 2013-06-02 (2013-06-02)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: Sun, 2 Jun 2013 13:43:35 -0700 (PDT)
Organization: Compilers Central
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Posted-Date: 05 Jun 2013 11:20:38 EDT


I have released a new version of Seed7: seed7_05_20130602.tgz In the
Seed7 programming language new statements and operators can be
declared easily. Types are first class objects and therefore
templates/generics need no special syntax. Object orientation is used
when it brings advantages and not in places when other solutions are
more obvious.

Seed7 is covered by the GPL (and LGPL for the Seed7 runtime library).

- The implementation of the type integer has been changed to use a
    64-bit value.
- Documentation comments have been added to bigint.s7i, integer.s7i,
    string.s7i, arr_rtl.c, big_gmp.c, biglib.c, big_rtl.c, flt_rtl.c,
    intlib.c, int_rtl.c, set_rtl.c and str_rtl.c.
- The new library bin32.s7i, which defines bit operations for 32-bit
    values, has been added.
- The new library crc32.s7i, which supports the CRC-32 cyclic
    redundancy check, has been added.
- The new library deflate.s7i, which supports the deflate compression
    algorithm, has been added.
- The library binary.s7i has been renamed to bytedata.s7i. The
    functions get_asciiz, get_uint16_le, get_uint32_le, get_uint16_be
    and get_uint32_be have been renamed to getAsciiz, getUInt16Le,
    getUInt32Le, getUInt16Be and getUInt32Be respectively. Definitions
    of the functions int16AsTwoBytesLe, int32AsFourBytesLe,
    int16AsTwoBytesBe and int32AsFourBytesBe have been added.
- The functions getBitLe, getBitsLe, getNonCompressedBlock,
    getLiteralOrLength, getDistance, decodeLength, decodeDistance,
    decodeFixedHuffmanCodes, getHuffmanValue, computeConversionTable,
    decodeDynamicHuffmanCodes, processCompressedBlock and inflate have
    been moved from gzip.s7i to the new library inflate.s7i.
- The functions gzip, openGzipFile, close and write have been added
    to the library gzip.s7i.
- The functions 'name' and 'path' have been added to the library
- The function openStrifile has been added to strifile.s7i.
- The library tar.s7i and the example program tar7.sd7 have been
    improved to allow the creation of compressed archives.
- The compiler has been improved to support the actions BIG_CONV,
- Optional checks for integer shift operations have been added to
    the compiler.
- The function bigFromInt64 and bigToInt64 in big_gmp.c have been
- Several functions in big_gmp.c have been improved to free temporary
    values with mpz_clear().
- The function big_conv() has been added to biglib.c.
- The functions drw_image and drwRtlImage have been improved.
- The functions drwImage in drw_win.c and drw_x11.c have been
- The meaning of the actions PRG_NAME and PRG_PATH has changed. The
    new actions PRG_OWN_NAME and PRG_OWN_PATH are used as replacement.
- The functions strRPos2, strRIPos2 and strRepl2 have been added to
    str_rtl.c. This functions use a modified BoyerMoore string search
- Usages of the macro arraySize have been added to drwlib.c,
    drw_rtl.c, libpath.c and prg_comp.c.
- The macro arrayMaxPos has been defined in common.h and used in
    arrlib.c and arr_rtl.c.

Thomas Mertes

Seed7 Homepage:
Seed7 - The extensible programming language: User defined statements
and operators, abstract data types, templates without special
syntax, OO with interfaces and multiple dispatch, statically typed,
interpreted or compiled, portable, runs under linux/unix/windows.

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