Re: Bounding memory usage

Mike Burrell <>
Fri, 11 Sep 2009 08:57:03 -0400

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From: Mike Burrell <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: Fri, 11 Sep 2009 08:57:03 -0400
Organization: University of Western Ontario
References: 09-09-050
Keywords: storage
Posted-Date: 13 Sep 2009 20:07:19 EDT

On 2009-09-08 19:53:18 -0400, Fernando <> said:
> could some of you guys give me pointers to some static analyzes
> that are able to determine when a program consumes a bounded amount of
> heap space? I know that this problem will be undecidable in general,
> but I would appreciate even a very conservative estimation. I am
> mostly interested in compiling Java in this case, but pointers to
> general analyzes would be welcome.

I don't think you'll find much for off-the-shelf, especially for
existing programming languages. Hofmann and Jost (2006) had a Java-like
language for determining memory bounds. If you're willing to do a lot
of work on your own to try and make this happen, that would at least be
a jumping off point.

Probably your best hope in the practical sense is to go through the
literature and come up with an ad hoc system that's very specific to
your purposes. It'd still be a tonne of work, though. Things like this
are still very much in the realm of research.


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