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Chris F Clark <>
Mon, 13 Jul 2009 03:45:37 -0400

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LinkedIn and Twitter stuff that is comp.compilers related. (Chris F Clark) (2009-07-13)
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From: Chris F Clark <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: Mon, 13 Jul 2009 03:45:37 -0400
Organization: The World Public Access UNIX, Brookline, MA
Keywords: practice, comment
Posted-Date: 13 Jul 2009 06:56:43 EDT

As many of you will recall, I've long posted on comp.compilers and I
still think it is the best venue for discussing compiler topics.
However, I've discovered two other venues that may be of interest to
compiler people.

First, there is a "Compiler Experts" group on LinkedIn and that
includes a discussion board. On there I've been having a similar
discussion to ones that I've had previously here. Here is the link I
"tweeted" out about it.

@intel_chris LinkedIn: Discussion: Compiler Experts talking about LR
parsing (not for the theoretically intimidated)

The fact that I "tweeted" that info, will key some of you in that
there are compiler discussions happening on twitter. I try to find
and follow them. I'm also looking for compatriots in that cause. So,
if you are on twitter (or get on twitter, you
can follow me (and I will follow you back to make it a two way
street). I'm on twitter as intel_chris -- and yes, twittering is part
of my current job at Intel.

BTW, if any of you blog (or web site or other web addressible info) on
compilers (or network security) or anything else that you think I
might be interested in drop me an email or a tweet.

Thank you,

Chris Clark Internet:
Compiler Resources, Inc. or:
23 Bailey Rd Web Site:
Berlin, MA 01503 voice: (508) 435-5016
USA fax: (978) 838-0263 (24 hours)
[I'm on twitter as spamvikktim, but don't hold your breath waiting for
updates. -John]

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