new xHarbour Builder Demo available

Patrick Mast <>
Wed, 22 Aug 2007 13:39:04 GMT

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new xHarbour Builder Demo available (Patrick Mast) (2007-08-22)
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From: Patrick Mast <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2007 13:39:04 GMT
Organization: Inc.
Keywords: available
Posted-Date: 22 Aug 2007 09:44:41 EDT

Hello, is proud to announce the availability of a new and
enhanced demo version of xHarbour Builder for Windows and/or Linux.

For the ones who are new to xHarbour; The xHarbour programming
language ( ) is a superset of the well known
xBase language, often referred to as Clipper. xHarbour is 100%
backward compatible with the Clipper Language, yet it adds many modern
features and tools comparable to todayb's leading compilers. xHarbour
Builder,'s ( ) commercial
distribution of the xHarbour compiler adds features to the xHarbour
compiler like Visual xHarbour (IDE), SQLRDD, xBuild Project Wizard,
ActiveX, OLE, RMDBFCDX ( Comix / Clipmore compatible super fast
filters), and many more.

Lately, we had thousands of xHarbour Builder demo downloads on, together with tons of feedback, and it's been
encouraging, insightful, and helpful. Reviewing all those comments, we
took a closer look at the demo version of xHarbour Builder and
magically ... found some room for improvements! ;-)

For the Windows edition, we added latest version of Visual xHarbour to
the demo installer so you don't need to download Visual xHarbour
separately. Everything you need for Visual xHarbour is included in the
demo. Samples, the Visual xHarbour IDE, and more... Yes, "MORE"... ;-)
We also added our first draft of the Visual xHarbour Getting Started
manual. Many users asked us to provide some documentation on Visual
xHarbour, even if it wasn't finished. Well, here it is, not finished,
but it's a start. This is also your chance to give us feedback on
these doc's now while we're still working on them! ;-) See for more info on Visual

Next, by popular demand, we included the command version of xBuilder
namely xBuild.exe. The GUI version is also still included.
See for more info on xBuilder.

For the Windows and Linux installer, a new fixed and updated version of
the Visual xDebugger has also been added.
See for more info on Visual

Now ... What about documentation on the xHarbour language itself in the
demo version? Well, it's obvious that, when a user downloads a demo
version of a programming language, he/she needs some documentation on
the language itself, no? Exactly, just what we thought! So, we included
the full version of the xHarbour Language Reference Guide in the demo
installer (the .CHM edition for the Windows installer, and the .PDF
edition for the Linux installer).

This makes the demo version of xHarbour Builder so much more complete!
Don't you think?

BTW, a online version of the xHarbour Language Reference Guide can be
found here:

Now, who would be better to comment on the all of this new stuff than
YOU? Please take the time to download the xHarbour Builder demo now and
let us know what you think. What can be be improved? How smooth was the
installation? What about the documentation? Etc. The more feedback, the
better demo we can build it next time for you guys! To make it super
easy for you, here is a direct link to the new demo:

Thank you so much in advance for your feedback.

And from all of us at, thank you for listening.


Patrick Mast, Inc.

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