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16 Feb 2007 02:05:56 -0500

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From: Allan Adler <>
Newsgroups: comp.programming,comp.compilers
Date: 16 Feb 2007 02:05:56 -0500
Organization: Compilers Central
References: <> 07-02-018 07-02-027 07-02-030 07-02-040 07-02-041
Keywords: assembler
Posted-Date: 16 Feb 2007 02:05:56 EST writes:

> On 11 Feb 2007 16:24:42 -0500, Allan Adler <> wrote:
> >Allan Adler <> writes:
> >Since posting this, I found a pdf version of the manual. Also, I found
> >a commercial program, selling for about $50+S&H that is advertised as
> >an algebraic assembly language program for x86.

> There is also terse at but I never really looked
> at it.

That's what I was referring to.

> Right now, I'm
> >downloading a free package called HLA (High Level Assembler) that runs
> >under both Windows and Linux. It is compiled but the distributors
> >claim that doesn't mean it isn't really still a high level assembly
> >language.
> Randy Hyde's ?


> >As a side effect of learning to use
> >HLA, I might actually learn something about x86 machine language,
> >which I've wanted for some time to learn but have always found too
> >painful to spend much time on.
> If you bypass the more obscure addressing forms (espically for a
> 386+), to me, x86 assembler isn't all that different than sys360.
> (asumming that addressing is setup for both)
> 360 x86
> l r1,data mov eax,data
> st r1,data mov data,eax

Thanks for the comparisons.
Allan Adler <>

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