Language Processing Tools in C# Announcment

John Gough <>
8 Nov 2006 00:18:58 -0500

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Language Processing Tools in C# Announcment (John Gough) (2006-11-08)
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From: John Gough <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 8 Nov 2006 00:18:58 -0500
Organization: Compilers Central
Keywords: C#, tools, available
Posted-Date: 08 Nov 2006 00:18:57 EST

Language Processing Tools in C#

This email announces the release of a new version of
the Gardens Point Parser Generator (GPPG), and the
first release candidate of GPLEX.

GPPG accepts a YACC-like input spec and produces
an LALR(1) parser in C#.
GPLEX accepts a LEX-like input spec and produces
an FSA-based scanner in C#.

Both of these are open source tools, and are released
under a "FreeBSD-like" licence. Licence, doco, and
the whole darn zip file are available from
follow the "Language Processing Tools" link to find
both of these and the new home for the PE-file
reader/writer PERWAPI.

Both GPLEX and GPPG are entirely new developments.
They do not accept the full input languages of say, flex and
bison. Nevertheless, GPPG is capable enough to drive
our Ruby.NET project. GPLEX bootstraps with a
gplex-scanner and gppg-parser.

The codebase of GPPG is now pretty stable, but GPLEX
will continue to evolve in response to our own and user
feedback. Both tools are somewhat related to the
uncannily similarly named tools in the Microsoft Visual
Studio SDK.

John Gough

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