Prolog compiler correctness

"John Todd" <>
4 Nov 2006 18:43:38 -0500

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From: "John Todd" <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 4 Nov 2006 18:43:38 -0500
Organization: Compilers Central
Keywords: prolog, question
Posted-Date: 04 Nov 2006 18:43:38 EST

Hi, all.

    I'm writing a Prolog compiler that compiles Prolog code into Warren
Abstract Machine code, which in turn has an assembler that executes
the WAM code (pretty conventional). I'm not a professional compiler
writer, so my question for those of you who wrote Prolog compilers

how do you go about testing it? Is there a formal suite of tests that
you run? (Note: I'm only concerned about Prolog correctness, NOT
ISO-Prolog compatibility).

how big are the programs that you test?

Do you only test Prolog code? or are there test suite in WAM Assembly
language to test WAM correctness?

And for people who worked on popular open source Prolog compiler
projects (SWI, GNU..etc), what kind of test suite do you run after
each build?

I searched on google about this topic, but only found
theoretical/math-intensive papers about formal proofs, which didn't
really help me that well. I would highly appreciate it if someone can
refer me to a test suite/methodology/document to start off with.

Thanks a lot!

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