Evaluation Of Semantic Rules

16 Jul 2006 01:05:52 -0400

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Evaluation Of Semantic Rules raghavan.viswanathan@wipro.com (2006-07-16)
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From: raghavan.viswanathan@wipro.com
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 16 Jul 2006 01:05:52 -0400
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Keywords: semantics, question
Posted-Date: 16 Jul 2006 01:05:52 EDT

Hi All,

I am having a bit of confusion with regard to the classification of the
methods used for Evaluation of Semantic Rules in Syntax Directed
Translation. Can some body help me understand it better ?.

The Dragon book talks of 3 methods of evaluating semantic rules (1)
Parse tree Method (2) Rule based methods (3) Oblivious methods.

I am trying to see where the Top Down Translation method , Bottom Up
translation method and the recursive evaluators (pg 316) fall under. It
clearly is not under Parse tree methods coz, we dont build a parse

I am having trouble understanding Rule based methods and Oblivious
methods of evaluating semantic rules.

Can somebody please help ?


Raghavan V

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