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Brian Inglis <>
11 Mar 2006 23:33:24 -0500

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From: Brian Inglis <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 11 Mar 2006 23:33:24 -0500
Organization: Systematic Software
References: 06-02-154 06-02-168
Keywords: syntax, parse
Posted-Date: 11 Mar 2006 23:33:24 EST

fOn 24 Feb 2006 13:20:47 -0500 in comp.compilers, "Russ Cox"
<> wrote:

>I find the "make the programmer do it" approach to precedence
>completely unsatisfying. I'd rather just have "expression" and then
>give a list of operator precedences somewhere than have to compile the
>precedences into the grammar by hand with "postfix_expression",
>"cast_expression", "unary_expression", etc. Creating the equivalent
>no-precedence-table version of a grammar is a completely mechanical
>and tedious transformation that a well-written computer program is
>much less likely to make a mistake doing than a human.

>Should I really have to know, when writing the relational_expression
>rules, that shift_expression is the next level down in the precedence
>hierarchy? What if some new operator comes along later that I want
>to put between them? Then I have to go find all the rules that implicitly
>"know" that shift comes after relational.
>If there's a precedence table, I just add the new "expression" rules
>and then insert a new line in the precedence table. How is this a bad

I can't think of a language that allows specified or modified
precedence, other than Algol 68, which required a priority on operator
definitions; but 2 level vanWijngaarden grammars do not seem to be in
use now.

Thanks. Take care, Brian Inglis Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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