Implementing Just-In-Time Compilation

"Vladimir Lushnikov" <>
19 Feb 2006 11:05:48 -0500

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Implementing Just-In-Time Compilation (Vladimir Lushnikov) (2006-02-19)
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From: "Vladimir Lushnikov" <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
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Date: 19 Feb 2006 11:05:48 -0500
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Posted-Date: 19 Feb 2006 11:05:48 EST

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I am in the planning process for developing a VM (Virtual Machine). I
have been researching various aspects for developing a VM in C++ for a
(semi?-)dynamic language, and am looking at the possibility of
implementing JIT for the VM. This VM will run on different platforms.

How would one go about an implementation?
Is the bytecode translated into native instructions similar to ASM, and
then assembled completely into processor-specific instructions? It
seems so, but are there any pointers available in the right direction
in the form of papers, tutorials and the like?

Vladimir Lushnikov

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