Re: Register allocation for DSPs

"Uncle Noah" <>
3 Feb 2006 18:39:46 -0500

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From: "Uncle Noah" <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 3 Feb 2006 18:39:46 -0500
References: 06-02-014
Keywords: DSP, code
Posted-Date: 03 Feb 2006 18:39:46 EST

Whywhat wrote:
> Hi all!
> I'm interested in common ways to allocate registers from different
> register groups, register pairs and so on. What contemporary algorithms
> exist nowadays? How far are they from classic algorithms like RA via
> graph coloring or iterative/linear scan?
> Any information would be very helpful.

you could search for papers on: variable allocation to dual memory
banks. Some experts on the field are:

Rainer Leupers
Peter Marwedel (i think his first name is Peter)
Guido Araujo
Stan Liao
and others

My personal opinion is that available (freely) DSP compilers are pretty
bad. GCC was meant as a compiler for homogeneous archs after all. Their
papers (in the period 1990-today) describe many fine ideas (compilation
for SIMD, dual memory banks, and for heterogeneity).

Nikolaos Kavvadias

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