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"Uncle Noah" <>
28 Jan 2006 15:19:03 -0500

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From: "Uncle Noah" <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 28 Jan 2006 15:19:03 -0500
References: 06-01-081
Keywords: tools
Posted-Date: 28 Jan 2006 15:19:03 EST

Hilary wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm an undergrad working on a research project and I am responsible for
> the graph visualization. I am new to all of this and am spending a lot
> of time researching the various tools available, such as graphviz and
> daVinci. I am still reading many topics in newsgroups, so I am sorry
> if this question is redundant, but I wanted to know if anyone could
> recommend a well-documented tool which has the following capabilities:
> - A way to control part of the graph layout (like assign certain
> vertices to specific layers and then minimize the number of crossing
> edges)
> - Interactive
> - Easy to incorporate within the system (C++) and have a feedback
> between the visualization and the rest of the system
> - Add numerous attributes to edges/vertices for the display
> - Free and/or open source
> - Display potentially large graphs (10^7-10^8 vertices) in reasonable
> time
> - Easy to have a GUI for it

hi there

VCG ( or
graphviz that you have already mentioned seem to be close to what you
want. The graph syntax is easy to understand and I have written simple
backend generators for such graphs in software projects of mine. For
example, printing out data dependence graphs (as in compiler-generated
information) etc.

Maybe the daVinci tool is good as well.

Nikolaos Kavvadias

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