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"Ehsan Akhgari" <>
11 Dec 2005 19:55:06 -0500

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From: "Ehsan Akhgari" <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 11 Dec 2005 19:55:06 -0500
Keywords: parse, question
Posted-Date: 11 Dec 2005 19:55:06 EST

Hi all,

I'm looking for characteristics of an LL(1) grammar which is also
LALR(1) but not SLR(1).

So far I know that if an LL(1) grammar has any lambda productions it's
not LR(0), and if it has some non-terminal symbols which only produce
lambda strings, then it might not be SLR(1) as well. But I have not
been able to find any grammar of the latter form. I've performed a lot
of trial and error, to no avail. I prefer to have a clue how to
organize my trials in a systematic manner, but I have no such clue as

Can anyone guide me in the right direction, or provide a sample LL(1)
grammar which is not SLR(1)?

Thanks in advance,

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