Re: Data Flow Analysis?

Randy <>
27 Sep 2005 09:46:54 -0400

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From: Randy <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 27 Sep 2005 09:46:54 -0400
Organization: Rice University, Houston, TX
References: 05-09-111
Keywords: analysis, dataflow, bibliography
Posted-Date: 27 Sep 2005 09:46:54 EDT

Kwang Yul Seo wrote:
> I want to participate in static analysis research and I would like to know
> if anybody has any good suggestions for references (books, articles, reading
> lists, open source projects) of data flow analysis.

By "dataflow", I assume you mean generic dataflow/dependency analysis,
and not program analysis for execution on dataflow architectures. If

For research papers on dependency analysis, search CiteSeer:

FYI, these are CiteSeer's most popular hits in "Compiler

Or search the ACM Portal:

Open source projects:

Search for "dependency":

SSA for Trees (now part of GCC):

Some classic books:

Dependence Analysis for Supercomputing, Utpal Banerjee, 1988

"Dependence Analysis (Loop Transformation for Restructuring Compilers)",
Utpal Banerjee, 1996

Some recent textbooks:

Optimizing Compilers for Modern Architectures", Randy Allen and Ken
Kennedy, 2001

"Building an Optimizing Compiler, Robert Morgan, 1998

"Advanced Compiler Design and Implementation", Steven Muchnick, 1997

"High-Performance Compilers for Parallel Computing", Michael Wolfe, 1995


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