Compiler positions available for week ending September 18

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This is a digest of ``help wanted'' and ``position available'' messages
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From: Debra Smith <>
Subject: Compiler jobs at Apple Computer
Date: Wed, 14 Sep 2005 15:13:38 -0700

Sr. Complier Engineer- FRONT END

The Xcode tools team is focused on providing progressive tools for
software development. We are looking for a compiler engineer to design
and implement a fast, adaptive C++ parser. As a key member of the
team, you will develop parsing tools to support source code analysis,
re-factoring, browsing, and navigation. This is a great opportunity to
join a high impact team crafting language tools using modern
object-oriented design principles. The job requires close
collaboration with the Xcode IDE team to resolve integration and
performance issues.

* BS/MS in Computer Science and/or hands-on industry experience on
related topics;
* Exceptional knowledge of the C++ language (and various parsing
techniques) is required;
* Product experience working on a professional grade C/C++ compiler
highly desirable;
* Familiarity with object-oriented concepts, design patterns, and
implementation issues;
* Must be self-motivated, creative, team-oriented and have excellent
communication skills;

Sr. Complier Engineer- BACK END

Apple is strongly focused on improving the developer user experience by
reducing compile time and by maximizing the execution speed of the code
generated for the Apple systems. As a key member of the Apple Compiler
Team, you will apply your strong state-of-the-art background and
experience toward the development of fast highly optimized compiler
products that extract top performance from the Apple systems.

Sr. Compiler Engineer with strong background in compiler architecture,
optimization and code generation. Knowledge with analysis and tuning of
industry standard benchmarks is desirable. Experience working in a team
environment where you provided technical leadership to other engineers
relating to compiler architecture and development decisions is a plus.

Responsibilities: Technical leadership for design and implementation
of state-of-the art optimization and code generation within the Apple
compiler. Work with other engineering teams within Apple to identify
and address performance issues related to compiler code generation.
Actively interact in the Free Software Foundation community to build
support for Apple initiatives, leverage work of others and reduce
long-term maintenance costs.
* Ideal candidate will have experience with the GCC compiler, UNIX
operating systems, and highly pipelined architectures
* Familiarity and engagement within the GCC community is a strong plus
* Must be team-oriented and have excellent communication skills
* Ability to attract other strong engineers and help build a
world-class compiler team

Preference for Ph.D. in Computer Science from name brand compiler school


Subject: Compiler research positions at Intel Corporation, Santa Clara
Date: Thu, 15 Sep 2005 15:53:23 -0700
From: "Petersen, Leaf" <>

Research Position

Programming Systems Lab

Intel Corporation

Santa Clara, California, USA

Job Description

The Programming Systems Lab at the Intel Microprocessor Technology Lab
(MTL) has full-time research openings for positions working on
compilers, runtime systems and programming environments for multi-core
systems. The candidate will join a research team involved in the design
and implementation of a highly scalable programming environment, with
particular emphasis on language and runtime features to ease parallel

We seek creative, risk-taking candidates with a strong background in one
or more of the following areas: runtime systems, static or dynamic
compilation, language implementation, program analysis,
hardware-software interfaces, and software-based power/energy
management. We expect the candidate to contribute innovative research
ideas, help define the research agenda, implement the research ideas in
high-performance systems, and start new projects. The candidate must be
a good team player.

Please send resumes to

Minimum Qualifications

- Ph.D. in Computer Science or equivalent research experience.

- Experience in one or more of the following: Language design and
implementation, runtime systems, compilers, operating systems, database
systems, hardware-software co-design.

- Publications in top-tier research conferences and journals.

- Excellent implementation skills.

- Good understanding of processor architecture.

Intel provides competitive compensation and full employee benefits.
Intel Corp. is an equal opportunity company.

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