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"Aaron Gray" <>
16 Jun 2005 00:09:56 -0400

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From: "Aaron Gray" <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 16 Jun 2005 00:09:56 -0400
Organization: Compilers Central
References: 05-06-027
Keywords: parse, tools
Posted-Date: 16 Jun 2005 00:09:56 EDT

> I'm new to this group and new to the business of parser
> generators. I've recently written a parser generator which takes any
> RFC2234-compliant ABNF grammar and produces a C++ recursive-decent
> parser with a call back function for each rule name. The call back
> functions can be used for user-written syntactic actions and
> user-written resolution of alternates with ambiguous prefixes. It does
> fairly extensive grammar checking and recursion analysis and has been
> tested on a variety of grammars from simple to complex.
> I know that parser generation is a mature field and that many tools
> exist, but searching the web and this group for ABNF-specific tools
> doesn't seem to turn up much. I would be very interested in knowing if
> similar tools exist or whether there is any interest in such a tool.
> I've perused a number of the parser generator descriptions, here and
> elsewhere, but don't see any that use ABNF grammar descriptions or the
> call back function approach to interface the user with the
> parser. However, the shear number of them is daunting. I would be very
> interested in comments, tips, critiques, etc. from others more
> experienced in the field. The full description and source code with
> examples is available at
> <>/.

Great, thanks alot for making it open source. I have wanted such a tool for
a long time now. Hopefully I will get some time to look at it properly soon,
ie a week or so.

Since finding out that GCC C++ 3.4 and 4.x are recusive descent I have been
interested in putting together a recusive descent C++ parser with a tool,
but non with the power to deal with ambiguous grammars existed, until APG.

I look forward to trying it out,


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