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Eric Eide <>
2 Apr 2005 19:36:13 -0500

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From: Eric Eide <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 2 Apr 2005 19:36:13 -0500
Organization: University of Utah School of Computing
References: 05-03-122
Keywords: C
Posted-Date: 02 Apr 2005 19:36:13 EST

"paulw" == paulw <> writes:

paulw> Can gcc or cpp produce c code after inlining? I.e. I only want
paulw> my c code after inlining but not compiled. Sort of like
paulw> preprocessing "-E" but with inlining. Or any one knows any
paulw> tools that does only "controlled" inlining? I don't need
paulw> optimization or any thing, just inlining.

You might be interested in CMI, the Cross-Module Inliner:

>From the Web page:

CMI is an optimizing frontend for gcc which allows gcc to inline across
module boundaries without requiring you to put inline functions in
header files or even mark inline functions for inlining.

Note that CMI is unsupported, research software.


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