C to JVM compiler/IDE MPC 1.0.4 released

napi@cs.indiana.edu (Mohd Hanafiah Abdullah)
8 Mar 2005 00:29:11 -0500

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C to JVM compiler/IDE MPC 1.0.4 released napi@cs.indiana.edu (2005-03-08)
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From: napi@cs.indiana.edu (Mohd Hanafiah Abdullah)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 8 Mar 2005 00:29:11 -0500
Organization: Axiomatic Solutions Sdn Bhd
Keywords: C, Java, available
Posted-Date: 08 Mar 2005 00:29:11 EST

Axiomatic Solutions Sdn Bhd today announced the availability of MPC 1.0.4.

MPC (Multi-Platform C) is a C compiler/IDE targeting the JVM
(generates Java Byte Code). The resulting .class executables will be
able to run on any Java Virtual Machine (tm). MPC enables programmers
to write/port applications using C targeting the JVM, thus, opening up
a whole new market dimension vis-a-vis JVM-enabled devices such as
desktop systems, PDAs, cellphones, game consoles, etc. MPC can be
used to turn legacy applications written in C into JVM applications,
with a single source base to manage.

MPC includes a Graphical User Interface (GUI) as part of the
Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for fast and organized
software development.

MPC is based upon the American National Standards Institute C (ANSI
C), X3.159-1989. There are however a few differences between MPC and
a fully compliant ANSI C compiler. The differences of MPC with a
fully compliant ANSI C compiler are described in MPC's product

Hardware Requirements:
- Any x86 compatible computer running Linux
- Macintosh computer running MacOSX
- 64MB RAM minimum

Software Requirements:
- Java SDK 1.4.2 or newer.
- Jasmin Assembler v1.06 (GNU General Public License). Distributed with MPC

More info on MPC can be found at http://www.axiomsol.com

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