What is byte-code ?

"KC" <kcc1967@gmail.com>
4 Mar 2005 14:12:40 -0500

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From: "KC" <kcc1967@gmail.com>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 4 Mar 2005 14:12:40 -0500
Organization: http://groups.google.com
Keywords: interpreter, question
Posted-Date: 04 Mar 2005 14:12:40 EST


What's the official definition of byte-code ? Any documentation and
book related to byte-code and byte-code compiler ? Does byte-code
just a simple version of CPU's opcode ?

[Here in computer-land, there's no official definition of anything.
I'd say a byte code is a langauge encoded a byte or two at a time and
intended to be interpreted. -John]

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