Re: Syntax of SmallTalk (Trevor Jenkins)
25 Dec 2004 20:17:29 -0500

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From: (Trevor Jenkins)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 25 Dec 2004 20:17:29 -0500
Organization: suneidesis
References: 04-12-110
Keywords: smalltalk, parse
Posted-Date: 25 Dec 2004 20:17:29 EST

On 23 Dec 2004 21:36:17 -0500, Klaas-Jan Stol <> wrote:

> I'm looking for a *complete* grammar for SmallTalk.

Is that even possible?

Been a long time since I used SmallTalk-80 but I seem to recall that
it was possible to introduce ones own syntactical constructs. Or am I
getting confused with POP-11/poplog-11?

> [Somebody asked 10 years ago and got no answers. so don't hold your
breath. > -John]

Presumably the closest we can get is the material in Goldberg et al's
series of books.

Maybe a look at the Squeak interpreter will reveal some helpful stuff.

Regards, Trevor

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