ANNOUNCE: yagg 1.20 released

David Coppit <>
11 Dec 2004 12:31:52 -0500

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ANNOUNCE: yagg 1.20 released (David Coppit) (2004-12-11)
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From: David Coppit <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 11 Dec 2004 12:31:52 -0500
Organization: Concentric Internet Services
Keywords: tools, available
Posted-Date: 11 Dec 2004 12:31:51 EST

yagg - generate a C++ string generator from a grammar

      Given YACC-like and LEX-like input files, yagg is a Perl program that
      generates a C++ program that generates all strings of a user-specified
      length. The YACC-like language grammar file provides the grammar
      productions for string generation, along with optional action blocks that
      can per- form context-sensitive checks in order to limit the generated
      strings. The LEX-like terminal generator file provides specifications that
      instruct the program how to generate strings for terminals in the grammar.

      If the programmer already has a YACC or Bison parser file, he or she
      only needs to add "unaction" blocks to allow the recursive generator to
      undo the side effects of the action blocks. If the programmer already
      has a LEX or FLEX lexer input file, he or she only needs to remove
      extraneous code and replace any regular expressions with one of the
      terminal generator specifications.

This program is useful if you want to see examples of strings recognized
by a YACC grammar. It can also be used to generate inputs for any program
that uses textual input.

- Initial public release

- You can download yagg from CPAN:
- Until the file propagates to the mirrors, you can use the following URL:

A complete change log is at:


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