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Dick Weaver <>
17 Nov 2004 11:39:04 -0500

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From: Dick Weaver <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 17 Nov 2004 11:39:04 -0500
Organization: EarthLink Inc. --
References: 04-11-015 04-11-034
Keywords: performance, practice
Posted-Date: 17 Nov 2004 11:39:04 EST

G P wrote:
> As I mentioned, I want to check the performance of two compilers for a
> given application, it definitely won't cover documentation and vendor
> response. Nor am I concerned with extra flexibility provided by any
> compiler.
> Yes, I want to check the size of object code, size of executable with
> libraries and how good the optimization has been done.
> I want to know what should I do to come up with some thing like this:
> The application when compiled with compiler X takes more memory (,
> startup time, [I want you all to suggest other parameters], etc) than
> compiled with compiler Y.
> Any pointers in this direction would help.
> Regards,
> GP
> [By performance do you mean how fast the compiler compiles some set of
> programs, how fast the object code runs, how fast the libraries are,
> how big the object code is? Something else? -John]

You want us to "suggest other parameters"? There is no value in
comparing some particular parameter unless that parameter relates to the
application's requirements. Consider the following build plan for your

        1. Build appplication with compiler A
        2. Port application to compiler B, build application again
        3. Compare the performance of the two versions

Work out how you would compare performance of the two versions and you
may (note "may", not "will") have the application specific parameters
you want.

Just a longer way of saying what John said in three lines.
dick w

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