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GOLD Parser News - October 16, 2004 (2004-10-17)
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Date: 17 Oct 2004 16:14:41 -0400
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GOLD Parser News

October 16, 2004

Hello everyone,

I couple weeks ago, version 2.4.1 of the GOLD Parser Builder was
released. This new version supports a number of new features for
developing LALR parsers. Please visit:

Major Changes in Version 2.4.1

* Huge Addition! The LALR and DFA state windows were
improved.Beforehand, both windows simply contained a listing of each
state. This was hard to interpret since moving from state to state was
done by scrolling. Both of the windows are now state 'browsers'. Links
between states can be followed by double-clicking. I also added 'back'
and 'forward' history buttons.

* The log window is linked to the DFA and LALR state windows. If you
double-click on a log item about a DFA or LALR state, it will open
that state for you.

* The text displayed in the LALR states for 'Reduce' actions was
changed. The new format is designed to be easier to read. Beforehand,
a reduction of rule 3 would be read 'Reduce 3'. Now it reads 'Reduce
Rule 3'.

* The style of the webpage created by Export Webpage Window was
improved. The new format looks slightly better - still not be best,
but definitely not the worst! :-).

* Fixed a bug in the Export Webpage Window. The color information was
not being written correctly to the file. As a result, the color styles
were in error and the resulting tables were simply black.

* Fixed a minor bug in the Test Window. The Test Window normally
disables the 'Parse' button if a problem is found when constructing
the parsing tables. Unfortunately, the button is not disabled if a
problem is found in the DFA States.

Supported Programming Languages

As of this writing, GOLD supports:

* C#
* Delphi 3 & 5
* Java
* Python
* Visual Basic .NET
* Visual Basic 5 & 6
* Visual C++

* All ActiveX languages
* All .NET Languages

YACC to GOLD Translator

Also, a new tool was released that will translate a grammar written in
the YACC Meta-Language to the GOLD Meta-Language.

The program will automatically create the "hidden" rules that are
implied with the %left and %right YACC directives. The %prec
directive, which is primarily used for unary operators, is also
supported. Currently, all other YACC directives such as embedded code,
%union, %type, etc... are parsed by this utility program, but are

The program is currently a command-line application. Its functionality
will be added to the Builder in a future version.

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